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Climate Refugees

by on November 18, 2013

Climate Refugees

We will talk a bit more about this over the next few days, but this is a good introduction.


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  1. Reading this article, there are a lot of similarities between Newtok and Kivalina. The climate change is causing a lot of environmental problems for these towns in Alaska. In both, their land is decreasing because of this, and there are a lot of people being replaced. There are a lot of climate refugees in both areas, and there is nothing that people are doing to fix or help them. In Newtok, the first time there was a forced moving, people had no choice on where to go. They were just thrown around to different places. Someone had mentioned that this time when they have to be moved, they are going to try and stay as a town. It is so sad that people’s nightmares are becoming reality. This fear that the people of the town are constantly living with on a day to day basis is so disturbing. No one should live like that. Something needs to be done, whether it be the government or the people taking control of the situation themselves, but something needs to be done. This town is slowly becoming non-existant, and the people are getting pushed out and then forgotten.

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