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From Sammy

by on November 18, 2013

From Sammy

I found this article today that I thought was particularly interesting. The dairy industry is trying to expand its market by adding artificial flavors to milk in order to make it more appealing for young consumers. There has been a petition to the FDA  to allow for producers to add sweeteners to milk, without requiring them to label the addition on the front of the bottle. I thought this would be an interesting article for people to comment on the blog as we wrap up our unit on food production.

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  1. I think that this article in a prime example of why we have so many issues with obesity in children today. Our society has added unhealthy products to once natural foods and drinks. Adding artificial sweeteners to milk would just add to the idea that children today continue to be unhealthy. If it is know that aspartame is so bad, then why would the dairy industry be putting it in milk, a product crucial to the diet of children. It sounds like a gimmick that would be adding to the already serious issues in our world today. I feel that parents need to try and get their kids to drink milk the old fashioned way. If they have allergies, then buy soy milk, almond milk, or another substitute. There is no need for another unhealthy product on the market.

  2. This article reminded me of the issue of crops being labeled as “organic” even though they are growing right next to crops that are sprayed with pesticides. People associate the word “organic” with certain standards. When companies advertise their produce as “organic” and fail to reveal that pesticides have probably touched these crops, they are false advertising and deceiving consumers. If dairy industries changed the “standard of identity” for milk so that it can be further modified and sweetened, and then failed to reveal these changes on the front of the milk carton, they would be false advertising and deceiving consumers as well. People view milk as an important drink in their children’s diets and one that can help improve their health, but the addition of aspartame would significantly alter this view.

  3. emilylangan permalink

    I think that looking at the consumer patterns of milk are actually kind of interesting.. the fact that milk sales have dropped 25% since 1975 makes me wonder why. As a child, I never liked the taste of milk, but I did drink chocolate milk. The kids I babysit drank a really gross combination of chocolate milk powder, chocolate syrup, and strawberry syrup.. with barely any milk in it. This article is pretty clear to me that the only concern of the dairy industry is to boost up milk sales- by hiding artificial sweeteners to make kids want to drink it. I think that the most upsetting aspect of this article is that the FDA has to chemically define what “milk” is to such a severe extent.

  4. Cristina permalink

    The topic in this article is particularly interesting for me because my mom was very strict about not letting me drink diet sodas growing up because it contained aspartame. It really plays on the social construction theory that we have discussed in class. What is milk? If it is a white liquid with whatever the industry wants to put in it? Milk is such an essential part of so many people’s diets. It’s part of the American tradition to drinking milk to grow ‘big and strong’. If this milk filled with aspartame were to be allowed, it will have a huge effect particularly on the young consumer. The FDA needs to look at the importance of the health of the next generation of the american society because that is the core of prosperity.

  5. Milk sales have decreased because people are realizing the processed milk is not as good for you as other milk options out there because it is so processed. It baffling that the milk industry wants to combat the decline of sales by making the milk even more processed. You can’t fight processed with even more processed. This is an ongoing problem throughout society. We think we can solve any problem with more science, but that is not the case. Milk has been a staple in the American diet for years because it is suppose to make us healthy. Something cannot be healthy if extra chemicals that make us unhealthy are added into it. Consumers have realized this and switched to other milk alternatives that actually promote health. The milk industry needs to realize that more science is not the answer, especially when it comes to food, as there is no way of telling what sorts of long term effects aspartame will have on kids. Rather than employing more science, the milk industry should take a step back and make their milk more natural and sales will return.

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