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by on November 22, 2013


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  1. emilylangan permalink

    Unfortunately and annoyingly, it is pretty clear that these few companies are responsible for a lot of environmental wrongdoing, and they will continue to get away with it. These companies are also ones with the strongest lobbying presence in Washington. So as long as they are paying persuasive lobbyists to protect their interests and reputation, these large companies aren’t going to see any consequences for a very long time. Even though it is basically black and white that these companies are causing so much damage, they will most likely not change their ways. This is because they offer the cheapest products, and people will continue to buy these products because they are the most affordable. It is a vicious cycle that will not be broken until enough people are educated and willing to sacrifice to make the big companies notice.

  2. Sammy D permalink

    After reading this article, it is difficult to not be discouraged with the reality of climate change. The research presented by the Climate Accountability Institute reveals how nearly two-thirds of all global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the actions of 90 companies. As manufactures and producers of natural resources, the companies have fueled our industrialized society for over 50 years. Are the costs of environmental harm worth the benefits to the global economy? This study indicates how historically these companies are responsible for the majority of pollution and emissions that are now affecting our climate. This is directly correlated to our discussion on climate refugees. Marginalized societies, who are not responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, are affected in the most negative ways by the changes in the environment. For people who live in vulnerable areas such as islands like Tuvalu, they have become susceptible to issues of rising sea levels, flooding, and extreme weather events. These societies are now suffering as a result of this environmental injustice while companies are not required to take responsibility for their actions.

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