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Another from Caitlin

by on November 25, 2013

Another from Caitlin

This one on toxic legacies and poverty


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  1. Michael Miliano permalink

    This story is extremely sad. However, it does perfectly describe how harmful these chemicals can be to the people around the dumping site. Officials reported that they found 88 toxic chemicals in the soil, and of these 88, eleven were proven to cause cancer. Some of the homes were bought, however there were still some houses near the canal that were deemed to be “outside the danger zone.” However, it was found that even these people had higher risks of cancer and more chromosomal abnormalities. Then, years later the homes were re-opened and sold. This whole event reminded me of Flammable. Although the settings are different both and Flammable residents do not have luxury of the US government, both areas are toxic waste areas which greatly impacted the lives of the residents. Obviously however, they differ as the residents of Love Canal were moved from their homes. It is interesting to see that the video now describes Love Canal as “one of the safest places to live.” This is because of all the toxic monitoring systems in place because of the issue. However, it could be said that they could have avoided the conflict all together if they had just monitored the company from the start.

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