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Another from Caitlin

by on November 25, 2013

Another from Caitlin

on food and labels…

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  1. emilylangan permalink

    I found this very interesting. I think that one of the biggest concerns here is how you are surveying the people- flat out asking the people if they would change their habits clearly offered different responses to their unconscious habits. I also think that in major grocery chains, people are often more in the mindset to save money, not save the planet. I think that the more advertising present surrounding fair trade brands or organic brands, then the more successful they would be. I think a large component is where products that are organic, fair trade, farm raised things are being sold- more “high end” grocery stores would probably have better results. As far as labeling the places of birth, life, and slaughter of the animals, I really doubt that a soccer mom in a hurry with a full cart will take the time to read that information. Maybe the idea should be to change the way consumers think or consciously shop.

  2. I think that the very detailed food labels are a good idea. I think that people should be given the opportunity to know where their food is coming from regardless of whether they care or not. Those that don’t care can just choose to ignore it and look only at the price tag, but those who do want to know should not be in the dark. It is very important to know where your food is coming from, and make decisions based off that. Companies that are against this seem to be hiding something or they know that once people find out where those companies products come from they will stop buying it. I think that these labels will put these large meat companies in check. It will make them almost have to admit how they are making our food, and if people really do care they will show it by not buying it. This is people taking control of the industry. By not giving their “vote” to these certain companies, it is forcing them to change the way they are producing their product. I think that these labels can bring some changes in the right direction for our food industry. If these companies think that people don’t care, then they should have nothing to worry about.

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