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From Lauren E

by on November 25, 2013

From Lauren E

more on food and labels…

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  1. Sammy D permalink

    This article indicates how large companies like Coca-Cola have been investing in campaigns to protect the identity of what is actually in their products. Coca-Cola has contributed over one million dollars to the GMO anti-labeling campaign and by supporting this initiative they are hoping to shield consumers from the truth. Through illegal and secretive ways of contributing money, Coca-Cola’s actions make me question the legitimacy of their so-called “healthy” products such as HonestTea and Simply Orange brands. How are consumers supposed to trust these brands, which are “GMO free”, when their parent company is supporting the anti-labeling campaign? This reminds me of how the organic and all-natural Stonyfield products are now sold in WalMart, which have caused consumers to question the brand because of the other companies WalMart supports. It seems very hypocritical on Coca-Cola’s end to support this campaign while simultaneously supporting the healthy, GMO free products.

  2. Our political system has shifted power from the hands of the people to the hands of big corporations to the point that we now live in more of a plutocracy. In an ideal world, corporations would make moral and just decisions on how to spend their money, but unfortunately, they do not, as is the case in this article. I do not think Coca-Cola is in the right in supporting labels not having GMO warnings, but I also don’t think it’s wrong that they are using their money how they please. Their decision to support the anti-choice agenda is not right, but it is their right to decide to support it or not. By purchasing any Coca-Cola products, consumers are giving Coca-Cola money and they can do whatever they want with that money after because it is given to them freely. If people don’t want to support the causes that Coca-Cola supports than they can use their purchasing power to take their business elsewhere. That is the power of the consumer, we can boycott amoral companies in order to make a difference. I don’t think people should waste their time petitioning Coca-Cola to stop funding anti-labeling campaigns, but rather use that time and energy to support labeling campaigns.

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