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4 From Lindsay

by on November 27, 2013
4 from Lindsay

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  1. caaher16 permalink

    Climate refugees are a result of global warming and climate change. Environmental refugees (this group includes climate refugees) are a result of natural disasters. Clearly, humans aren’t responsible for natural disasters, but they are absolutely at fault for the current acceleration of climate change. Detrimental effects from human activity include: increased amounts of greenhouse gases, rising temperatures, rising sea level, and droughts. If we don’t start reducing human activity that harms the environment, the sea level will continue to rise which puts coastal areas at even greater risk. The article talks about the Louisiana coastline, which we talked about in class while reading “Catastrophe in the Making.” The wetland ecosystem is continuing to be destroyed, putting the coastline at greater risk for worse damages from storms like Hurricane Katrina. Other parts of the world like Kivalina, Alaska, the island nation of Maldives, and Venice are at even greater risk as the sea level rises of becoming climate refugees. Evacuation will force all these inhabitants to relocate at some point in time; that means hundreds to thousands of people will have to evacuate at one time… Environmental refugees aren’t protected by any laws or organizations. They’re basically forced into homelessness and unemployment. This is a good example of the environmental justice movement factors that are discussed in “Kivalina” and “Catastrophe in the Making” such as environmental discrimination and economic inequality. Bottom line, climate change is a social issue. Its caused by humans and can only be solved by humans. The sooner we all decide to accept this and start taking action, the sooner we start tackling the problems discussed in this article.

  2. hagerbridget permalink

    The United States has always experienced varying extreme weather. The idea that the extremity of the The United States weather is not increasing clears up a large misconception. I myself fall victim to the myths of global warming. The reality according to this video is simply longer last heat waves. Global warming is an inevitability, however, the myths that accompany these changes perpetuate a cycle of misconception. The focal point is the increase in carbon emissions not the extremities of weather.

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