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Two From Sammy

by on November 30, 2013

Also on climate change…


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  1. Phil Ubriaco permalink

    Even though we’re not able to stop a Typhoon or a hurricane, or any natural disaster with a giant dome or wall there are preventative measures that must be taken. Although the wealthy, industrialized nations are not too concerned with climate change and their impact of the world, this is just one step in the process of creating a safer world. The article touched on early warning devices which could save thousands of lives; it may seem easy to us that we have a weather channel and can easily know when the next hurricane is going to hit, but not so fortunate countries have this luxury. If the world is not taking steps to stay ahead of climate control, we must at least look toward other measures to save lives that we are essentially responsible for.

  2. This article is interesting because it explicitly states that climate change exasperates the devastating effects of natural disasters: “we can not turn a blind eye to the stark reality; the reality that is climate change… Climate change is contributing to these events becoming more intense.” While still reporting on the repercussions of the typhoon in the Philippines, the article links the 5.5 million children affected with out contributions to climate change. As we have talked about in class, this type of story is rare. In our society, the media usually creates doubt and uncertainty. Often, the reader is left to make a connection or opinion or assumption rather than being explicitly given an explanation. As the article really highlights the disproportionality in the effects of climate change, I think it evokes a sense of guilt in the reader. Hopefully it reminds readers to think about the actions we can take to mitigate extreme weather events.

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