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climate change abrupt

by on December 4, 2013

climate change abrupt


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  1. This article is interesting in that it explains “abrupt” changes as well as gradual changes that will likely cause rapid destruction in our future. Harris explains that climate change could lead to rise in sea level and temperatures that disallow Earth to grow crops such as corn. Harris says that disruption is in our future, that it is something we should prepare for. Unfortunately, there are already people who have had to deal with these disruptions; climate refugees are already becoming a source for concern. The people of Kivalina are already seeing the impacts of climate change as they are losing their land to a rise in sea level and coastal erosion. As they are losing their home, they have no choice but to relocate, an expensive and untimely task. As this is a problem the people of Kivalina are facing right now and have been for the past few years, why are we preparing for an abrupt change? Haven’t these disruptions already stated to happen?

  2. Phil Ubriaco permalink

    Although this article mentions useful and interesting facts, I would like to play the role of Devil’s Advocate here. Harris continuously mentions areas which the world should be focusing on for climate change and disaster, but how much can the world focus on at once? Although these scary facts are vital for the world to take seriously, even if these areas are being watched and covered there is bound to be more sites to come up. The amount of damage we have done to the atmosphere and the planet is immense, and while focusing on these important issues is a good idea, the world will soon be given a whole new list of problems. Although these immediate problems which were discussed in the article could heavily impact human existence, if we are so far behind on protecting the environment and the planet how can we possibly deal with abrupt changes. Hopefully these claims will be the spark-plug to initiate a dramatic global interest in taking care of the environment, or we may be running out of time quicker than we thought.

  3. Ashley Leonard permalink

    I believe this article is very important especially in regards to the “no action, no attention” theme we’ve covered in class; with the threats of climate change hovering over us, we choose to stop paying attention to the warning signs because we feel that there is no easy solution. We have also fallen into the traps of doubt and viewing the troubling consequences of climate change as being far away. But this article has raised awareness that the changes may be coming sooner than we think. I think it is really important that this article points out the reality that the changes to our Earth’s climate don’t only affect the sea levels, but also agriculture: two natural existences we depend on the most for our existence. Are we scared of what this might mean, and is that why we don’t face these startling facts?

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