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From Emily H

by on December 4, 2013

From Emily H

To Serve Man


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  1. As stated in the Scientfic American article, more and more people around the globe are switiching to a carnivorous diet. While this can be appetizing and appealing to several individuals, it poses serious threats to the environment, as we have all seen in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals as well as in class discussion. Essentially, the more carnivores we consume, the more greenhouse gases we produce. According to the article, the livestock industry is directly or indirectly responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is actually a larger share than all modes of transportation combined. Much like Eating Animals, this article forces us to rethink the decisons we make at the lunch or dinner table every day, as any carnivore that we consume can potentially have an enviornentally detrimental carbon footprint, or even worse, can be contaminated with diseases due to unsanitary factory farming methods.

  2. Phil Ubriaco permalink

    This article is very interesting because it shows basically calorie to calorie what we as human beings are doing to the environment. As the article states a 3% rise over the last 50 years in meat consumption for humans, this may seem small but is actually an enormous increase. In addition to adding weight to your gut, consumption of meat is placing the atmosphere and planet into further jeopardy. This goes back to our discussion on carbon foot prints; the transportation of meat alone is a huge carbon footprint which is not counting the actual process of raising and slaughtering the livestock. It would be interesting to see new laws and regulations placed to cut down the average meal’s carbon foot print, which would be a big start in cutting down carbon emissions from food. In addition to this more sanitary farming processes can be instituted along with strict limits on pesticide use for vegetable growing.

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