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From Joe

by on December 5, 2013

From Joe

on climate change and boston marathon…

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  1. 6. This article was extremely relevant to anyone who pays attention to the trends of normative spring weather as well as to followers of the Boston Marathon. Taken place every April, the Boston Marathon has been affected by a climate that has been increasingly growing warmer since it first took place eighty years ago. According to the article, studies have been showing that warmer temperatures on the day of the race slow winning times, as it was proven that last years hot weather times were nine minutes slower than the times in 2011, which featured cold weather. The temperature on the marathon day was 89 degrees in 2012, while it was only 57 degrees in 2011. This is a prime example of how climate change and global warming has impacted daily life, and should act as a warning light for the environmentally impacting decisions people make every day. The issue at hand is not necessarily how warm the temperature will be next year, but how warm the temperature will be in 10 years, and 20 years, and 30 years, and so on. We must gain awareness of the fact that the carbon footprints we emit as well as other greenhouse gases we are responsible for not only have an impact today but more importantly for future generations.

  2. Ashley Leonard permalink

    I found this article to be very important for society’s awareness of the impacts that global warming may very soon have on our daily lives. By putting in perspective the affects that a rise of temperature change may have on our bodies in regards to a nationally proclaimed event, such as the Boston Marathon, is crucial towards grasping the public’s attention. Not only will runners of the Boston Marathon be set back in speed, but runners across the world will be noticing the difficulty of the human sport. This article reveals one way that our culture has dealt with facing the facts of global warming, that we only care when it has a direct impact on our lives. By raising the concern that our specie’s ability to regulate internal temperatures due to the increase of heat will lead to exhaustion, dehydration, and various injuries on a daily basis is crucial to raising awareness and a call for us all to take action. The unfortunate aspect of this article is that it takes the possibility of a valuable event to society being affected by global warming for us as a whole to care.

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