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Increasing emissions of methane in America

by on December 5, 2013

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  1. Its scary to think that our methane emissions could be 1.5 times higher then predicted by the EPA, since methane is such a potent greenhouse gas (a lot more potent then carbon dioxide). And with so much of the U.S. and other countries depending on cattle, it will be difficult to reduce our methane emissions. Cattle produce a lot of methane as does oil production and transmission, landfills and and coal mines. Just like in how will have to make a lot of changes to reduce our CO2 emissions, we will also need to make a lot changes to our personal behaviors to reduce our methane emissions. Also as this study suggests, we need to find more accurate ways of measuring methane in our atmosphere so that we can keep track of the rising accumulation of this gas.

  2. I think this is a very good instance of why people have a hard time coming to terms with climate change. There comes a point when so many different studies and opinions of climate change come out that people have a hard time determining what is actually true. Eventually people just learn to tune the studies and claims out because they do not know what to believe. Therefore, through this denial, it will become even harder to combat climate change if opinions vary across the board.

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