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Connection between climate change and food supply

by on December 6, 2013



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  1. Ashley Leonard permalink

    Not only is the reality that our future production of overall crop is estimated to drop by 2% every decade for the rest of this century due to climate change extremely alarming, but the fact that our world population is steadily increasing places these statistics at a startling dilemma. With the demands expected to raise by up to 14% each decade as well, the scarcity of crop is not too far from sight. Positive thought is also present in this article with the theory that global warming may actually help the production of some crops. While the fact that some crops may benefit from a rise in temperature, the 2% decrease in production must be given equal attention. The reality that the crops most greatly affecting by global warming will be those of tropical countries, (areas closest to the equator that will affected most by natural disasters,) will not only be faced with devastating storms but also the depletion of crops, resulting in and overall economic crisis.

  2. aliscalici permalink

    Thinking about this from an ecological perspective, there will be drastic changes to our food supply when the temperature increases to a certain point. However, this is not what we tend to hear about when people talk about climate change. This is one of the drastic effects that the temperature change will have, yet we don’t really think or talk about it. This is because we tend to take the food we have for granted. We grow a surplus of crops and don’t really think much about how there are starving people in the world and that so much of our food just becomes waste. When we do start to feel the effects of global warming on our food supply, maybe people will reconsider how much food they waste.

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