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Would You Halve Your Meat Consumption to Save the Environment

by on December 6, 2013


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  1. Ashley Leonard permalink

    While asking society to completely restrict the consumption of meat from our diets in response the to the factory farms’ harm to the environment and accounts of animal abuse, asking society to simply reduce the consumption of meat on a daily basis will overall have make a strong impact towards reducing the environmental footprint. Eating meat in moderation is the first step towards creating a social movement and awareness of the devastating impact and control that factory farming has on our nation’s meat industry. The reality that meat production uses 20 to 50 times more water than vegetable production alone would have a crucial impact environmentally if everyone were to simply cut back. Not change a lifestyle completely, but moderate it; that is the first step towards taking environmental action. Social change cannot happen suddenly but gradually, and if Western nations were to moderate their meat consumption, not only would the lives of animals be saved, but the environmental consequences would be greatly reduced.

  2. I think it really important for articles like this to be published. I feel like the American public in general does not understand the environmental impacts as well as the health impacts of eating so much meat. Our society’s meals really focuses around meat- most holidays, sports’ games, etc. And most restaurants or meals in general center the meal around a meat entree. But if more people were educated about the negative effects of eating meat, I think Americans would reconsider the amount of meat they eat and slowly start to change our culture’s perception of meat. I think the report releasing the results that horse meat was found in beef was definitely a wake up call for many people and started to get people interested in the idea of eating less meat, Who knows maybe in future years veggie snacks will be the major snack to eat while watching sports games and that mash potatoes will be served over turkey on Thanksgiving!

  3. aliscalici permalink

    I think that trying this would be a beneficial experience for many people. I am not a vegetarian, but I did try it for a little over a month. I am no longer a vegetarian, but it definitely did alter my perspective and made me think before I ate meat. I think that it would be a challenge to get people to do this, but once you do, it truly has the ability to change your perspective. It definitively makes a difference when you commit to something and really make you see things that didn’t really notice before. People were shocked when I told them that I was becoming a vegetarian. If people got over this fear of changing their diet and were willing to try something new, then they would be more willing to alter their lifestyle and give it a shot. It is not about completely cutting meat out of your diet, but limiting how much of it you actually eat.

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